A seed ball is a marble sized ball made of clay, earth and seeds which is used to germinate seeds.

Because there are nutrients in the seed ball in the form of compost or potting mix or cow dung, it gives a leg up to germinating seeds – gives them nutrition in the early days when the young plant needs a little help to survive in harsh conditions.

First Method: Dig a 1-1 ½ inch deep pit in your backyard or garden or any other place, and put the seed balls. Spray water for and these seed balls will start grow. Second Method: For mass reforestation one can do throw and grow. In right conditions the seed balls grow.

It depends on how dense the garden you want.

In a pot or in garden soil. For Afforestation you can throw the seeds and nature will take care.

No. The seed balls should be left intact. Once water has permeated the seed ball,the seeds slowly begin to germinate inside the ball.

If you are cultivating the plant in a pot or garden sparying water facilitate growth. If you are throwing balls for afforestation purposes nature will take care.

To increase the chances of more numbers and growth.

It can withstand 1-2 years and keep in cool and dry place.

It depends on the type of seed.